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We can distinguish 7 major families of styles: 1. classical, 2. jazz , 3. French variety (song, folklore), 4. international variety (pop, rock, country and fusion), 5. world music (traditional and contemporary), 6. rap and 7. techno. Check all type of music available on NaijaVibe

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The expression “classical music” designates learned Western music, that is to say all the works noted since the 9th century, which constitutes an enormous repertoire. Some examples of subdivisions: the baroque style with Jean Bach and Antonio Vivaldi , the classic style with Wolfgang Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven, the romantic style with Chopin and Johannes Brahms, modern with Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, etc: see our dossier Music with great strides.

It is popular black music from the south of the United States (New-Orleans, Louisiana) born at the end of the 19th century. It is above all characterized by the major part given to improvisation, and especially by the omnipresence of SWING : see our file ” And jazz? ? “. The blues has the same origin as jazz. It is a melancholic song accompanied by the guitar or the piano. The gospel is a popular religious song of the American black community appeared in the nineteenth century. A solo voice often echoes the choir. The faithful clap their hands and dance to mark their fervor.

French variety
The popular French song follows the medieval tradition of the troubadours and minstrels that extends the thirteenth century Guillaume de Machaut. It reappeared in the musical landscape at the end of the 19th century with the cabaret repertoire, illustrated in particular by Aristide Bruant : listening . In general, it is characterised by particular attention paid to the text, whether it is the work of a poet or a singer-songwriter. It has taken various forms over time: realistic, jazzy, music hall, poetic etc. The following generations – rock or pop, are largely inspired by the Anglo-Saxon variety. In fact, more than the author of the lyrics of the song, it is the personality of its interpreter which is put forward. For example, Mireille Mathieuor Johnny Hallyday is famous when they never wrote or composed any of their songs. As for the singer-songwriters, depending on the period of their career and the influences they receive, they can change their style several times: it is therefore necessary to take the previous categories with great care before locking up a singer. For example, when Johnny Hallyday sings “the idol of the young”, is he rock, pop or crooner? Perhaps he is simply the interpreter of a nice ride. As part of the folk movement of the 1960s, another trend of the French variety endeavored to revive the local FOLKLORE. Groups in each region strive to revive traditional costumes and dances. The phenomenon is particularly lively in Brittany with personalities like Alan Stivell : by accompanying himself on his Celtic harp, this artist has managed to dust off the old melodies of his region.

International varieties
Rock : in the 1950s, dance music inspired by rhythm and blues (more agitated and syncopated version of the blues), was popularized by black artists like Chuck Berry. Adopted by white singers, rock’n’roll was born and diffused mainly thanks to Elvis Presley. The term pop indicates commercial rock which is intended to be lighter and more frivolous. It comes in many currents: ” dance ” is a generic term which indicates the dancing and very commercial music which passes in the clubs and the nightclubs; the disco starts in the 70s, this is a dancing music, binary rhythm obsessive, spending much in the clubs; most popular singers rush into this style, including the Bee Gees. Although it is more serious, the new age stylecan also be considered as pop’music insofar as it wants to reach a very large audience: it corresponds to a music of relaxation, of atmosphere inclining to meditation or even to spirituality. He was born in the 1970s, notably with the Pink Floyd. We find the same climate in classical music among ” planing spiritualists “, notably represented by Arvo Pärt , and to a certain extent among composers of minimalist tendency. The country is a popular style of music that draws its inspiration from the music of southern United States. We call it “cowboy music”. The instruments that characterize it are the country guitar and the banjo as well as the fiddle. The term fusion is used to denote the combination of several genera. We then obtain a sub-genre whose name derives from the genres that are at its origin (jazz-rock, punk-metal, pop-latino, etc.). There are therefore multiple forms of fusions but the jazz swing is often part of it, for example mixed with Celtic music or Indian music.

World music
Let us first distinguish the traditional tendencies: these are the musics linked to the ancient civilizations of the different continents. Each of these rich traditions deserves a special study in the getaway section . We especially highlight those from India, Hebrew, Islamic, Japan, Chinese inspiration, Southeast Asia (Bali, Java), Black Africa and Oceania. We can add local traditions such as flamenco , which is both a dance and a popular song of Andalusian origin, or fado , a nostalgic song that appeared in Portugal around 1980, as well as the many central European melodies (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, etc.) which Bela Bartok has abundantly nourished her music.

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