Types of Cancer That Badly affects Human beings


1. Lung cancer:  It is the most common tumour in men. It usually affects smokers between the ages of 55 and 65, and unfortunately, in three-quarters of the cases, it is only advanced. Approximately 6,000 cases of lung cancer are reported each year and 80% of patients die. Passive smoking also has a negative effect.

2. Breast cancer: The most common malignant disease in women – but it can also affect men. 6500 women are diagnosed annually, of which about a quarter succumbs. In the case of early detection is well treatable, so let’s not forget the preventive examinations!


3. Colon cancer: The second most common tumour in both sexes; About 800 people hear this diagnosis every year, about half of them recover. Risks include excessive intake of animal fats, red meat and sausages. Improper treatment: frying, grilling and baking increase the likelihood of illness. People who overeat and suffer from obesity are more at risk. Alcohol, especially beer, has a negative impact.

4. Genital cancer: This includes tumours of the uterus, cervix and ovaries. The numbers are terrible – 11,500 new cases a year, about 3,000 women die each year. In the case of the cervix, this is the only tumour type that is vaccinated. Take advantage of it and think of regular visits to gynaecology.

5. Prostate Cancer: It is the disease with the world’s most growing number of newly detected cases. 6154 men with this tumour live in the Czech Republic, of which 1472 died of it. The riskiest factors include the history of sexually transmitted diseases and a high level of sexual activity. And of course an unhealthy lifestyle with smoking.

6. Lymph node cancer – lymphoma. It affects about 2.4 thousand Czech patients every year, it has about 40 different forms, and therefore the percentage of recovered is difficult to calculate. Approximately one million people worldwide suffer from malignant lymphoma and the incidence has risen by about 80% since the early 1970s. The exact cause of this disease is not yet known, but it can occur in both children and women and men, in all age groups and nationalities independent of lifestyle.

7. Pancreatic cancer: It belongs to the most serious and insidious types of cancer. We are world record holders in this disease. It is usually discovered at a very advanced stage. Every year it affects about 2,000 people; Experts consider smoking, alcohol, and aging to be the reason why the number of this disease is skyrocketing worldwide.

8. Mesothelioma Cancer:  This is tunica virginals a rare neoplasm, typically demonstrating frankly malignant morphology and aggressive behaviour. Malignant peritoneal mesothelioma commercial meme (MPM) is an aggressive tumour that originates from peritoneal-lined mesothelial cells and can spread widely in the abdominal cavity. The complications and deaths caused by it are almost entirely caused by disease progression in the peritoneum, rather than by distant metastasis and spread. This topic will summarize the treatment of MPM. The epidemiology, histology, clinical characteristics, diagnosis and staging of MPM and the treatment of pleural, pericardial, and testicular mesothelioma commercial meme will be discussed elsewhere.

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