Windows 12 ISO download release date – Microsoft

Windows 12 ISO

Windows 12 ISO download release date – Microsoft: Many new features have been added, including desktop and tablet modes, start menu, cortana and action center. Introducing in detail from basic operations to changing settings, including the differences from previous functions. Windows 12 iso has a desktop mode that is easy to operate with a mouse or keyboard, and a tablet mode that is easy to touch with a tablet. You can switch modes by clicking Action Center on the taskbar and clicking Tablet Mode. There is also a function that switches automatically when the keyboard is attached or detached. The biggest difference between the two modes is whether to display the window or full screen. In desktop mode, it is displayed in window format. In tablet mode, all windows are displayed in full screen.

Windows 12 ISO

Windows 12 Start menu and start screen

The start button has been restored to the task bar. Depending on the mode, the start menu or start screen is displayed. The difference is whether it is full screen. In desktop mode, the start menu is displayed. You can also display the start screen using the “Start menu to start screen” method. In tablet mode, the start screen is displayed. There is a new feature called tiles. Installed apps and programs can be added to the tile and clicked to launch. In tablet mode, the desktop cannot be displayed, so it is convenient to register frequently used applications. The traditional user account used to log in to Windows is called a “local account”. In addition, you can now log in to Windows with a “Microsoft account” that you use for Microsoft services such as Outlook and OneDrive.

Windows 12 features and advantages

You can still use free software and paid software on Windows 12. In addition, there is a place to publish software dedicated to Windows 12, called the store app. Windows version of Google Play and App Store. There are a wide range of tools, games, music, movies, and free and paid apps. The start button has been revived and a search box (cortana) has been added. Apps and programs can be launched by clicking on the icon. In addition to apps and files installed on Windows, you can search the web with Bing. It has speech recognition called Cortana. You can search by talking on the microphone. Added a virtual desktop function to manage windows. The virtual desktop is a function that switches the displayed window. A browser is displayed on the first virtual desktop, and Excel is displayed on the second virtual desktop. In this way, you can display the windows separately for each virtual desktop.

 windows 12 notification banner arrives. 

The notification history is displayed in the Action Center. In addition to notifications, the Action Center displays quick action buttons that let you easily turn Windows settings on and off. In addition to the control panel, a “Settings” screen has been added. Easy to operate in tablet mode. Some items, such as Windows Update and Tablet mode, can only be changed on the “Settings” screen. There are some items that overlap with the control panel, but settings for new functions are added to the “Settings” screen. The Control Panel changes settings for the entire Windows and settings that require administrator privileges. also check windows 12 release date.

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