How to Get Lifeguard training, certificate, degree

Lifeguard training

A lifeguard ensures safety in swimming areas. Find out how to become a lifeguard and train in this trade.

Lifeguard Training , How to become a lifeguard? What degree to be a lifeguard? It’s not enough to know how to swim to become a lifeguard. There are several diplomas that will allow you to practice this profession:

The National Certificate of Surveillance and Water Rescue (BNSSA): with this diploma, you become assistant of the sports instructor of the swimming activities. Your role will most often be to monitor swimming in certain situations. Nevertheless, you are prohibited from teaching against remuneration.

Lifeguard training

The Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sports Aquatic Activities and Swimming (BPJEPS-AAN). The training lasts between one year and two years. This one replaced the Beesan. The role of the incumbent is to initiate and teach off-the-water aquatic activities and the safety activity.

The Bathing Supervision Certificate (BSB) prepares and monitors bathing activities only in holiday and leisure centers. The State Diploma of Youth, Popular Education and Sport (DEJEPS) give you the opportunity to teach and train at all levels. you can join lifeguard training program.

Careers: where to work as a lifeguard Trainer?

The lifeguard lifeguard can work in a municipal pool. He can also offer his services in a fitness center, a holiday village, a club or an association. After a few years of service, a lifeguard can become a basin head or deputy head of a bathing establishment. He has the opportunity to become later director of nautical installations.

Definition: What is a lifeguard?

The role of the lifeguard is to ensure safety in bathing areas. He is a swimming teacher. What is the nature of lifeguard lifeguard work? What are his skills? What training to follow to practice this profession? What are his job opportunities and salary? The answers to your questions can be found in this lifeguard sheet.

The lifeguard is also called sports educator of the activities of swimming. He gives swimming lessons to everyone from babies to seniors. It introduces, for example, novice swimmers and trains confirmed swimmers. He can also give swimming lessons to pregnant women. This professional is most often at the edge of a bathing place. It ensures that bathers swim in good conditions and also takes care of their safety. He checks the condition of the pontoons or toboggans, controls the safety equipment, manages the first aid station … He can also give classes of water-polo or aquatic gymnastics. In case a bather is in trouble in the water or a problem, lifeguard helps him quickly by giving him first aid.

The lifeguard lifeguard also ensures that the rules are followed. 

He is constantly attentive to the water’s edge, ready to intervene. He has the possibility to give collective or individual lessons on the different swimming as the breaststroke, the butterfly, the crawl. The job of sports educator in swimming activities is very exciting. To exercise it, it is very important to possess certain skills. First of all, the lifeguard must be an excellent pedagogue. He must teach his students the basics of swimming.

It is also a job that requires responsiveness and vigilance because a swimmer can quickly end up in a dangerous situation. It will therefore be necessary to bring him quickly first aid. It is very important to know how to keep your temper, to be resistant to stress and especially to intervene very quickly. Being brought into contact with various people each day, the Lifeguard is asked to be especially understanding and patient. He must also be listening to his student swimmers.

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