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Microsoft Windows 11 is a new operating system from Microsoft specifically developed for professional users and businesses. As with regular devices like PCs and laptops, MS windows can also run on 11 compatible operating systems with compatible tablets. Thus, Microsoft Windows 11 Professional offers optimal operation that every professional user of any compatible platform needs.

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With professional windows 11 have a great business partner. It has all the features of Windows 11, with important business functionality and windows for encryption, remote login, creating virtual machines, and more. Get a quick start; close friend yet expanded start menu and a great new way to get stuff done with innovative features such as online action and an all-new browser built for Cortana personal digital assistant.

New Features of Windows 11 Pro Operating System

Join so-called “business functions” of users like windows range offer for 11 professional operating systems, group policy management, BitLocker Internet Explorer EMIE access 8.1, and for remote desktops assigned Ultra V customers Corporate mode. Apart from these professional features, Win 11 Pro operating system also includes new universal features and programs:
Windows 11
Cortana: Personal Secretary for Intuitive Operation of the System Microsoft Edge: New Internet Browser Replaces Previous Internet Explorer Face and fingerprint recognition for greater security (appropriate equipment must be installed) Continuous: Switch to tablet mode to allow more efficient use of the touch device Holographic Windows: An Application Platform for Associated HoloLens Data Glasses (Augmented Reality) A common program for postal, calendar, music, photos and videos, as well as a new DirectX or MS window with 12 graphics 11 Pro operating systems to optimize the program is included. Pro Microsoft Windows 11 also offers a choice to combine Cloud Active Directory Cloud-based Directory and Identity Management Services. One-time registration provides user access to a number of Cloud SaaS applications such as DropBox, Office 365 and agrees.

Microsoft announce release of windows 11 Soon

On the 4th of April (local time), Microsoft announced that Windows 11’s next function update “Windows 11 download will be release in few weeks “Windows Insider Program”. Commonly called “Windows 11 July 2019 Update”. July 2019 Update takes a longer release preview period and more elaborate testing will be conducted. A gradual rollout by machine learning model is performed while monitoring feedback thereafter. July 2019 Update will be delivered to all users who manually check “Windows Update” until late July (except in environments with known incompatibilities). The transition to the “semi-annual channel” with an 18-month support period also begins in late July. In addition, the company claims to improve update management, improve quality and enhance transparency, and is working to make Windows 11 more comfortable updating.

Windows 11 Update management improvements

There are two types of Windows 11 updates: large “feature updates” that are implemented twice a year, and small “quality updates” that are delivered monthly. With “July 2019 Update”, it is possible to pause both easily. The feature is available in all editions, including the “Home” edition. In addition, the “active time” has been improved to prevent the loss of working content by restarting the OS after updating. Until now, it was necessary to manually specify a time zone to prevent OS restart, but an option will be introduced in which AI automatically sets the time zone based on the user’s usage style. Besides that, the process of updating Windows and store apps will be more intelligent. Timing is automatically adjusted to improve system performance and responsiveness. Emphasis on quality As mentioned earlier, “July 2019 update” will test longer in the “Release Preview” ring of the “Windows Insider Program”. By previewing the final version of the July 2019 Update early, we hope to encourage testing by partners including OEMs and ISVs. In addition, Microsoft will actively deploy “July 2019 Update” during the release preview period to encourage active testing on personal devices. Another key to improving quality is the use of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). According to the company, customer feedback is received as many as 20,000 daily, but even among a small number of them, reports of even fatal problems are picked up, and a mechanism is in place to solve them as soon as possible. Transparency improvement It also improves the process of publishing information such as update rollouts and known issues. The update history of Windows 11 can be viewed on the company’s support page, but it will be renewed to a new “Release Health Dashboard” this month and will share information needed by users in real time. The dashboard gives you the details of each version of Windows 11 iso, important announcements, new blog posts, and more, as well as easy sharing of content via social networks and email.

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