E-scooters on German roads Federal Council on the approval

Electrically powered scooters could soon whiz officially through German cities: Because this Friday, the Federal Council is now the last turnout for street legalization of so-called e-scooters are made. Is there a green light for e-scooters? If, as widely expected, the Landkammer agrees with the Ordinance on Electric Vehicles (eKFV) , there is no obstacle to the use of scooters – although some details have not yet been fully clarified. An overview of which companion exactly the eKFV is likely to allow and what consumers have to look out for when buying and using it.

E-scooter: what conditions must be met?

As things stand, the e-scooter must have a steering or handrail and two independent brakes for the front and rear wheels. The lighting must be the same as the bike, the front and rear lights and the prescribed reflectors are required, turn signals and brake lights are allowed, but not a must. A bell is also required.

In addition, the scooters need a general operating permit or a single operating license. An insurance badge similar to the badge mark on mopeds must also be in place to provide proof of liability. According to the first statement of the insurance companies, such a policy will cost about 35 to 40 euros per year.

Who is allowed to drive e-scooters and who cannot?

The draft regulation still distinguishes between electric scooters with top speeds of 12 km / h and 20 km / h. The former should therefore be driven from 12, the latter from 14 years. However, the Federal Council committees are in favor of grouping all scooters into one category; implementation is likely.

It is not clear whether the requirement to raise the minimum age to 15 years will succeed. Apart from that, no further requirements are placed on the e-scooter driver. You do not need a driver’s license, even a helmet – but all experts strongly advise you to wear one anyway.

Where may the e-scooters be driven?

The Federal Council is unlikely to agree to the original plan to allow scooters on sidewalks with a top speed of 12 km / h. Here, great resistance had emerged in the countries and Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer apparently moved to reversal.

Scheuer said last week that slow e-scooters did not want to be allowed on the sidewalk. Instead, the e-scooters will have to use the cycle path – and where not available, the road.

Which e-scooters with registration are available for launch?

So far, only two models are available, they may already be used due to a special permit: the Metz Moover (from 2000 euros) and the BMW X2City (from 2400 euros). Both models are at the upper end of the price scale compared to typical e-scooters.

The likewise in Germany resident manufacturer IO Hawk wants to sell however in the coming weeks equal two models with road permission. On the one hand the new model “Exit-Cross eScooter” (from 1000 Euro), as well as a revised version of the already available e-scooter “Sparrow” (from 550 Euro). For the latter model, the TÜV examination has already been successfully completed, with the “Exit Cross eScooter” this is imminent, according to a company spokesman.

Can I retrofit my already purchased e-scooter so that it is allowed on the road?

IO Hawk, for example, has already developed a retrofit kit for already sold “Sparrow” scooters. But whether they can be used, is legally still open, the spokesman. After all, the question of whether retrofits will be allowed in general is still unclear. The Federal Ministry of Transport explains on its website that retrofits of already sold vehicles will be quite possible.

However, the manufacturer then has to apply for a general operating permit for the corresponding conversions. If the manufacturer does not take care of this, owners of an e-scooter equipped in accordance with the ordinance could also apply for an individual operating license. However, the necessary opinion might be very costly.

Owners of cheap e-scooters from the Far East should better not make too high hopes for retrofitting by the manufacturer. Your scooters will probably not be approved in Germany in the future.

How should e-scooter fans proceed with the purchase?

E-scooters on German roads – you have to know that Currently patience is advisable: The number of officially approved as small electric vehicles e-scooter is expected to increase significantly in the coming weeks and months, prices fall accordingly. Currently, the selection is still clear.

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